Carry Bags

We offer a complete range of plastic carry bags that are used in Grocery, Supermarket, Cafes & Restaurants. These plastic bags can be customized in colors and sizes. We have a name in UAE market for producing the best carry bags in the UAE. Plain, Printed, Recycled, we have it all.

We have been consistently improving the quality of our bags to perfectly meet the needs of end-users. Known in the UAE as T-shirt bags, Shopping bags. We hold the distinction of launching new products into the UAE markets namely Saver bags and Supermarket bags, which became highly popular.

zubairi Plastic Printer Bags

We have developed 3 standard sizes of biodegradable carry bags to meet the needs of the market. These bags are the lifeline of Groceries & Supermarkets.

All our biodegradable carry bags are made from recyclable raw materials conforming to ECAS standards. Once their lifespan is over, they can be recycled and reintroduced into the market thereby contributing to the circular economy of UAE. They display high resistance to tear and puncture, are lightweight and easy to transport, making them the perfect choice for carry bag exports. Apart from the standard sizes which are almost always in stock, we are also the top manufacturers of customized carry bags in the UAE.

Small bags

Our small carry bag is compact yet versatile, perfect for on-the-go convenience, an ideal for small items. Despite its small stature, it doesn't compromise on quality and displays good resistance to puncture and tear.

Medium bags

Our medium carry bag strikes the perfect balance between functionality and capacity. Designed to accommodate everyday necessities, it offers ample space. With its comfortable handles and sturdy construction, it is the go-to choice for those restaurants and take-outs.

Large bags

Our large carry bag is a spacious and reliable companion for all your needs. Its generous capacity makes it ideal for grocery shopping, carrying work essentials, or even packing for short trips. Designed with durability in mind, it can handle heavier loads while maintaining its integrity.

zubairi Plastic Printer Bags

We developed 3 standard sizes of reusable bag made from post-consumer recycled material. We also manufacture Customized Recycled Bags with size and thickness as per your requirement.

50% recycled

36x39cm 50 microns

42x47cm 50 microns

47x57cm 50 microns

70% recycled

36x39cm 50 microns

42x47cm 50 microns

47x57cm 50 microns

100% recycled

36x39cm 50 microns

42x47cm 50 microns

47x57cm 50 microns

How do we manufacture the reusable bag at Zubairi?

We are committed to Sustainability. We harness the waste generated during our production process to create products with robust features which effectively prolong their lifespans.

We actively contribute to the circular economy by reducing plastic waste and reusing it. This allows us to  achieve responsible material consumption, economic sustainability and foster a positive environmental influence. By embracing the reuse of recycled plastic, Zubairi Packaging significantly minimizes its environmental footprint.

recycling process
zubairi Plastic Printer Bags

Waste Carry Bags with Handle

These bags are made of food-safe material. They are premium quality bags, which do not have that compostable bag’s natural aroma. Each bag is printed with bakery and confectionery delicatessen designs in organic ink. They are also equipped with a sleeve to protect them from moisture. These bags are packaged in two sets of 50 per pack..

30 Gallon

10 packs / box

2.000 bags / box

18 boxes / pallet

200 bags / pack

Sustainable and easy to recycle material

We are experts in working with recycled and recyclable materials; being loyal to our corporate values and to the responsibility we have acquired with society. We can become the perfect allies for all the entities that want to start their way towards sustainability and thus enter the circular economy to have a much cleaner and committed productive activity.

zubairi Plastic Printer Bags
zubairi Plastic Printer Bags

Specialised in film extrusion

Extrusion process is one of the most important techniques while transforming plastic granules into a consumer good. Zubairi is a pioneer in the UAE extrusion domain thanks to our innovative techniques applied when processing and manufacturing multiple products; this is one of our main advantages in this market!

We offer solutions at all product stages

We take complete ownership of the production process: Conceptualization and Development, Manufacturing and Quality Control.

We offer high-level support and tailor-made solutions. In doing so, we cover all our customers’ needs through continux

zubairi Plastic Printer Bags
zubairi Plastic Printer Bags

We have an in-house creative and graphic design team

Our team of experienced professionals is dedicated to providing personalized and efficient service, ensuring accuracy and minimizing errors. Allow our creative designers to assist you with fresh and innovative ideas, bringing your product to a whole new level of concept that surpasses your imagination.

100% Customization

Zubairi offers a wide range of customization options, such as different type, size, shape, color, to meet the unique needs of customers and enhance the bags' visual appeal and promote brand recognition.

zubairi Plastic Printer Bags
zubairi Plastic Printer Bags

We reduce CO2 emissions

We plan to move towards Sustainable energy sources by 2030, upgrade to more advanced and efficient machinery, we aim to significantly reduce and minimize of carbon emissions.

Competitive pricing

We offer competitive pricing without compromising quality. We prioritize exceeding customer expectations and ensuring satisfaction with every order. This fact is backed by our high percentage of repeat customer base. We are our customers' first choice!

zubairi Plastic Printer Bags
zubairi Plastic Printer Bags

Quicker lead times

We provide fast production and delivery times to meet our customers' urgent needs, especially in industries where quick replenishment of plastic bags is critical, such as Supermarkets and HORECA sectors.

Circular economy

As a key player in the UAE Circular Economy, Zubairi Packaging champions the principles of Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle. By implementing innovative strategies, we transform plastic waste into valuable resources, fostering a circular and sustainable approach to production.

zubairi Plastic Printer Bags

Our Diverse Portfolio

We make the most out of bag capacity

Three-ply and recyclable material

Being manufacturers we are able to diversify our range of products to cater to different industries. Our clientele covers major retail brands, public and private entities within the professional and industrial sector.

Supermarket Products

We shifted both fitting parts so that they do not longer overlap. They are o set from each other, thus making them easier to open as they are spaced apart and become more visible.

Industrial Products

Pallet protector Sheet, Pallet Wrap Shrink hood, Industrial Liners, Waste Collection Bags, Waste Disposal Bags, Contractor Bags.

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