Clear Bags

Clear bags as the name suggests are designed for easy visibility and identification of the contents inside. With a sturdy build, these bags display strength and resistance to tear and puncture. They are lightweight and easy to handle, reducing shipping costs.

Zubairi is committed to sustainability, and our range of clear bags made from recyclable materials reflect that commitment. Available in HDPE and LDPE, the standard sizes always in stock are given below. We also produce customized clear bags as per different size and thickness requirements.

virgin carry bags





Small Bags
32 x 36 cm
15 - 20 Microns
5 KG x 4 Pkt
Medium Bags
42 x 47 cm
15 - 20 Microns
5 KG x 4 Pkt
Large Bags
47 x 57 cm
15 - 20 Microns
5 KG x 4 Pkt

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