Biodegradable Garbage bags

Our trademark Garbage bags have been in the market since long and have captured a major chunk of it. These bags have strong and flawless sealing at the bottom making them perfect to serve the purpose. Available in standard sizes as well as with customized specifications in various materials, sizes, thickness & colors, our Garbage bags are 100% biodegradable and recyclable.

Garbage Bags are known with different names throughout the world. In USA and Canada they are known as Trash bags, Refuse sacks, Bin liners. We export them to the UK where they are called Bin bags, Rubbish bags, Waste bags and Dustbin bags. Our customers from Germany call them Müllbeutel and Abfallbeutel, and our French partners refer them as Sacs poubelle and Sacs à ordures.

We innovate in recycling and make the most of our materials

We are specialist manufacturers of sustainable waste bags with recycled material

100% recyclable material in our waste bags

At Zubairi, we have incorporated a production process for extrusion and film manufacturing that utilizes 100% recyclable materials, without the presence of adherent or solvent components. This process eliminates the need for separating elements during material recycling.

Being a plastic bag manufacturer allows us to customize the product according to the needs of the customer and the market

Why Compact Rolls are always better than normal rolls?

They take less space

Compact rolls are tightly wound and smaller in size compared to the usual rolls. They require less area and can fit into smaller spaces. Compact rolls are ideal for travel, camping or any other situation where you need to save space.

Portable - Easy to Carry

Due to their robust design, they are easier to carry around, making them a camping, hiking and backpacking essential.

Feasible Stacking

Less space = More stacking. Since they are free from air pockets, they are easier to stack and display in Shelves. Compact rolls are a top choice for supermarkets and convenience store.

Improved Strength

Star sealing ensures the Compact rolls display superior resistance to tear and leakage. Due to this reinforced sealing, they are strong and sturdy.

Maximum Loading for Export

Exports are all about space. Though they are similar in material, bagsize and thickness to conventional rolls, Compact rolls have a great advantage due to the small space they consume. This makes Compact rolls the perfect choice for exports, yielding more units for the same cbm capacity.

Compact Roll

Normal Roll

Garbage Bags based on a Circular Economy

We create social awareness and responsibility towards the environment through an organized management of our manufacturing process and maximising the available resource efficiency.

We reduce waste generation, and the remains of the production are prepared to be reused and transformed into a new recycled material that will be used and reintroduced in the market. This establishes a continuous cycle of development in which the value of the materials and products obtained extend their useful life, thereby promoting growth through a more sustainable production, resource efficiency and commitment to the environment.


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why choose zubairi


Offering a wide range of customization options, such as different sizes, shapes, colors, to meet the unique needs of customers to enhance the bags' visual appeal and promote brand recognition.


Demonstrating a commitment to sustainability by using eco-friendly materials, such as biodegradable or recyclable plastics, and implementing environmentally responsible manufacturing practices.

Quality and

Ensuring that the plastic bags produced are of high quality and durability, able to withstand the demands of various applications, such as retail, food service, or industrial use.


Zubairi Packaging offers competitive pricing without compromising quality. We prioritize exceeding their expectations and ensuring satisfaction with every purchase.

Lead Times

Providing fast production and delivery times to meet customers' urgent needs, especially in industries where quick replenishment of plastic bags is critical, such as retail or food service.

Compliance and

Adhering to industry standards and regulations, for food-grade plastic bags, and obtaining relevant certifications, such as ISO 9001 for quality management..