Sustainability at Zubairi

At Zubairi, we believe that sustainability is not only essential for the well-being of our planet but also crucial to ensuring a better future for the generations to come. That's why we are committed to minimizing our environmental impact and continuously innovating to make our business practices more sustainable.

Your Planet needs You
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Our Commitment

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One of the ways we prioritize sustainability is through our truGreen line of garbage bags. truGreen is a post-consumer recycled plastic garbage bag that is environmentally friendly and strong enough to handle all your garbage disposal needs. By using post-consumer recycled plastic, we can significantly reduce waste and conserve valuable resources. Choosing truGreen is an easy way to make a difference and contribute to a better tomorrow.

Sustainable Practices at Zubairi

We understand the importance of responsible manufacturing practices and are committed to minimizing our carbon footprint. We use energy-efficient equipment to reduce our electricity consumption, recycle all manufacturing waste, and promote responsible water management. We're continuously seeking innovative ways to reduce our impact on the environment, such as exploring new materials and finding ways to reduce packaging waste.

Reduce Packaging Waste

We work to reduce the amount of packaging waste generated during their manufacturing process. This involves exploring more sustainable packaging materials and redesigning our packaging to use less material overall.

Implement a
Zero-Waste Policy

We strive towards zero waste by implementing a policy that ensures all waste is either recycled, reused or composted. This involves implementing recycling programs for all types of waste generated during the manufacturing process.

Switch to Renewable Energy Sources

We aim to switch to renewable energy sources by 2030, to reduce our carbon footprint.

Use Sustainable Materials

We constantly explore the use of sustainable materials in our manufacturing process.

Reduce Water Usage

We are working towards implementing water-saving measures such as installing water-efficient equipment, using recycled water for non-potable purposes, and educating employees on water-saving practices.

Partner with Sustainable Suppliers

Zubairi partners with suppliers that share their commitment to sustainability. We source materials and services from suppliers that use sustainable practices, helping create a more sustainable supply chain.

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Waste Bags Based on a circular economy

At Zubairi we are creating social awareness and responsibility towards the environment through an organised management of our manufacturing process and maximising the available resource efficiency.

We reduce the waste generation and the remains of the production are prepared to be reused and transformed into a new recycled material that will be used and reintroduced in the market, thus establishing a continuous cycle of development in which the value of the materials and products obtained extend their useful life, and promoting growth through a more sustainable production, resource efficiency and commitment to the environment.

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