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Manufacturer of various Welcome Stock Printed bags.
Available in various Sizes, Colors, Thickness & Varieties.
We sternly believe in protecting the environment, all of our bags supplied within the region are Eco-friendly & Oxo- Biodegradable

Grocery Bags

These are the customized printed bags used in Supermarkets & Groceries for take-away. Impressive, Lucrative, vibrant colors & Strong enough to withhold the weight

Shopping Bags

We provide several types of bags used in Shopping Malls, Stores, Restaurants & Groceries. The types include HDPE, LDPE Bags in T-Shirt Handle, Die Cut Handle, Loop Handle and Printed bags on roll

Die Cut Bags
Bio hazard Bags

As the name suggests, it is used for disposing hazardous waste, commonly used in Hospitals & Health Centers. It is a Heavy-duty bag made with a proper mix of LDPE & LLDPE material built for the purpose, comes in different sizes and can be customized need based

Pickle bags
Laundry Bags

These are unique selection bags mostly made of LDPE/HDPE material and are usually are thin as it does not carry any weight. Cost effective & purposeful

Pickle bags
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Our Sectors

We offer a complete range of plastic bags that are used in Food & Packaging Industries, Shopping Centers, Groceries, Supermarkets, Cafeterias, Restaurants, etc


 We understand that not everybody has the same requirement, so we customize bags as per client's needs in various Prints, Colors, Sizes & Thickness


Famous in UAE for producing Premium Quality Bags, with seamless sealing and excellent load bearing capacity. Our brands trúFresh are winning market swiftly


A major share of our production is made 100% Oxo-Biodegradable. We are actively involved in the process of reducing the landfill waste by producing bags which decompose & degrade within a year


With regular trial runs, inspection checks and mass productions the quality of our bags has reached near to perfection to cater the needs of our Clients professionally

tru carry bags

Carry Bags for Super Markets & Grocery

We offer a complete range of plastic bags that are used in Grocery, Supermarket, Cafe & Restaurants. These plastic bags can be customized in colors and sizes. We can even print a brand’s logo on these plastic bags. We have a name in UAE market for producing best bags and our brand tru' is winning the market swiftly.

We have been consistently improving the quality of our bags so that they can perfectly meet the needs of end-users.

The most seller of which we maintain the stock are as follows:

  • Features:
    • Carry Bags with the spots for better feel and easy opening
    • Sizes:  Small, Medium & Large
    • Color: Clear Transparent, White, Green, Pink, Yellow or as per the client’s needs
  • Material used: HDPE & LDPE

Vegetable Bags on Roll

These plastic bags are apt for storing vegetables and other produce. We offer best-in-class, durable plastic bags that are used in mini-marts to supermarkets. These plastic bags are used for multi-purpose storing ranging from fresh fruits and vegetables to meat and confectionery products.

Vegetable Roll Varieties

For mini-marts and supermarkets, we offer premium food-grade vegetable bags on roll in two varieties based on transparency:

  • Clear: This selection includes see-through vegetable bags on roll which caters to leading supermarkets. Best of all, these vegetable rolls are ideal for exports too.
  • Smoky: It’s a uniquely translucent bag on roll used for packing fruits and vegetables in mini-marts.


  • These bags are biodegradable
  • The bags have uniform perforation making them easy to pull and tear
  • Mostly made of HDPE for easy opening
  • All bags are made as per the UAE standards

Packaging: Every box includes 4 rolls

Availability: A 6-kg or 7-kg carton of rolls

SMC812 11

Smoky Bags

These are Hazy Clear bags made of HDPE Material, mostly used in Restaurants & Cafeterias for packing Food products. They are generally used for carrying Solids & Semi -Liquids. Smoky bags have a perfect sealing at the bottom to serve the purpose and avoid Spillage


  • Sizes:
    • 6x9" Smoky Hazy Bags
    • 6x9" Clear HD Bags
    • 8x12" Smoky Hazy Bags
    • 8x12" Clear HD Bags
    • Customized prints available
    • Packing by Weight & Pieces

Material used: HDPE Polymers

Transparent Bags

The general purpose of these bags, like most all plastic bags, is to store and protect items of variable shape and size from dust, moisture and other environmental factors.

The use of these bags improves the shelf life of perishable food and other sensitive items such as photographs as they are acid-free and prevent evaporation and dehydration.

Packaging and availability: By weight and pieces

Standard Sizes (Inch): 

  • 4x5
  • 4x6
  • 5x7
  • 6x9
  • 7x11
  • 8x12
  • 9x13
  • 10x14

Material used: LLDPE & LDPE Polymers

TP Salad Bags Zubairi
Zubairi Bio hazard bag

Bio-Hazard Bags

Managing different waste disposal and addressing biohazard get faster and more convenient with these biohazard plastic bags. These bags are clearly labeled with warnings that will help anyone identify the potentially dangerous content they carry. Due to their capability to store low density or high-density material, these bags are widely used in the healthcare and medical sectors. These bio-hazard plastic bags are well-sealed, adding to their strength.


  • Availability:
    • Different bag sizes
    • Custom or stock prints
    • Available in Yellow, Red & Black Colors

Material used: LDPE & LLDPE Polymers


Heavy-Duty Bags (HD Bags)

The heavy-duty plastic bags, which we offer, are made using strong polyethylene films. Because of that, the bags are thick and strong enough to manage heavy items. Other than that, these plastic bags are known for their outstanding sealability, unparalleled strength, and low product visibility because of being non-transparent. As perfect plastic grocery bags, they are light in weight and come in a variety of sizes and colors.


Mostly used in Hardware and Heavy Material stores for transportation

  • Availability:
    • Different bag sizes
    • Custom or stock prints
    • Available in integral tabs for improving housekeeping
  • Material used: Can be made using HDPE, LDPE polymers
  • Availability:
    • Different bag sizes
    • Custom or stock prints
    • Available in integral tabs for improving housekeeping

Material used: HDPE, LDPE, and LLDPE polymers

End-to-End Solutions for your need!

Not just we under take tailor-made orders to customize bags of your requirement, but we also make sure that it is done swiftly, accurately & professionally


We believe in accuracy hence strive in maintaining good standards while taking orders, please don't mind if we ask a lot. 


We maintain all of your records and files to make sure that we are ready the next time you come to us for repeated order


Our flaunt our designing team as they are experts in what they do and have been doing the same since more than a decade



Equipped with best in line ERP, CRM & advanced systems we believe in efficiently working with less human intervention, so results are evidently Quick


We understand that not everybody has the same requirements, hence we walk an extra mile to make sure we get it right for you


Enhancing & adapting Systems, Technologies, Machines & Workforce has been our Motto. To ensure we conduct regular feedback & followups 


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