Carry Bags for Super Markets & Grocery

We offer a complete range of plastic bags that are used in Grocery, Supermarket, Cafe & Restaurants. These plastic bags can be customized in colors and sizes. We can even print a brand’s logo on these plastic bags. We have a name in UAE market for producing best bags and our brand tru’ is winning the market swiftly. We have been consistently improving the quality of our bags so that they can perfectly meet the needs of end-users. These plastic bags are Strong with maximum durability, suitable for Groceries. Exclusive prices for multiple orders

The most sellers of which we maintain the stock are as follows:


Carry Bags with the spots for better feel and easy opening

Sizes:  Small, Medium & Large

Color: Clear Transparent, White, Green, Pink, Yellow & Blue

Material: HDPE & LDPE

Printed Bags

Make your brand stand apart in the market! Bring your brand to life by giving your shopping bags the design that you desire!

There are thousands of bags that are seen in the market but only a few stand apart. We take a lot of factors into consideration while designing a bag, like, color, sharpness, accuracy and the best design is what it takes to leave a mark in marketing your brand. We take care of minutest details to come up with the best. We provide Printed bags on Rolls, Bundles & Cartons as per your need (Rolls comes in Sheet form& with perforation for easy tear

  • Features:
  • Die Cut or Banana Handle Bags – Pharmacy & Departmental Stores
  • T-Shirt Bags – Ideal for Restaurant & Supermarkets
  • Patch Handle Die Cut Bags – Ideal for Clothing Stores
  • Loop-Handle Bags – Ideal for Premium Clothing Stores
  • Printed Bags on Roll with Perforation for easy tear

Smoky Bags

These are hazy clear bags made of HDPE material, often used in Restaurants & Cafeterias for packing Dry / Semi-solid food items. Bags are Hazy enough to hide the contents yet visible for differentiating. It has strong seamless sealing which can also withhold the liquids to avoid spillage
Sizes (Inch): Smoky Hazy Bags – 6×9 | 8×12
Clear HD Bags – 6×9 | 8×12
Packaging and availability: Available by weight in Fresh & tru’ brands
Material used: HDPE Polymers

Transparent Bags (LDPE Flat Bags)

Offering a unique type of bags commonly used by Semi-Government & Government firms in huge quantities to spread awareness in the citizens by printing on them the type of refuse that needs to be disposed in these bags. It usually comes in Green and Blue colors with customized print. The sole purpose of it being the contents need to be identified; for properly disposing and ease of recycling the waste. Like, Paper waste, Plastic waste, Bio-waste & Aluminum waste.

Bakery Bags (Khubus Bags)

Bread Bags or Bakery Bags are the more generic bags ideally used in Automatic Bakeries for packing Lebanese Khuboos or various sizes and shapes. These are made with a proper mix of Clear Transparent LDPE & LLDPE granules. There is no standard print available for this, as it is a purely based on pre-orders. Ideal for packing several kinds of Breads, Brioche Buns, Potato Buns Italian Bread and many more.

Heavy Duty T-Shirt Bags (HD Bags)

The heavy-duty plastic bags, which we offer, are made using strong polyethylene films. Because of that, the bags are thick and strong enough to manage heavy items. Other than that, these plastic bags are known for their outstanding seal ability, unparalleled strength, and low product visibility because of being non-transparent. As perfect plastic grocery bags, they are light in weight and come in a variety of sizes and colors. Mostly used in Hardware, Curtains & Heavy material stores for transportation

Sizes: 40×40 | 45×50 | 50×60 | 55×70 | 60×80 | 80×90

Material used: HDPE, LDPE, and LLDPE polymers

Welcome Bags / Thank You Bags

We produce standard printed bags available in market for general purpose and maintain the stock. The stock prints generally have Floral designs or Expo 2020 Design or UAE Skyline designs with “Welcome” or “Thank you” Printed on them on either sides. These bags are ideally used by Small retail shops like, Mobile Phone Vendors, or small accessories store who does not want to invest a lot in their branding yet give a feel good factor to their customers. They come in a variety of sizes, designs & colors

Sizes: 20×30 | 25×35 | 40×40 | 45×50 | 50×60 | 55×70 | 60×80

Handle type: Die Cut (Banana Handle) or T-Shirt (Carry) Bags

Material used: HDPE, LDPE, and LLDPE polymers

Gusseted Bags (Side & Bottom Gusset Bags)

Plain White or Clear Bags used in Shopping malls that are thicker than standard grocery / supermarket bag, more luxurious, stronger and more suited to carrying heavier items. Mostly used in pharmacies, clothing stores, departmental stores, etc. It has either side or Bottom Folding to withhold boxed items or more volume products. There is no standard size for this, as we make it only Client based.

Material used:  LDPE & LLDPE polymers

Self Seal PP Bags

The use of these bags improves the life of sensitive items such as documents, photographs or Brochures as they are acid-free and prevent evaporation and dehydration. The general purpose of these bags is to store and protect items of variable shape and size from dust & moisture.

It comes with and without flap with a seal Strip at the end for easy pull-off and sticking to it another face.

  • Packaging and availability: By Pieces
  • Sizes (Inch): 4×5 | 4×6 | 5×7 | 6×9 | 7×11 | 8×12 | 9×13 | 10×14
  • Material: Polypropylene

Zipper (Zip-lock) Bags

This is mostly used domestically, but also at times used for storing or delivering samples. These are the storage bags used to secure food items from bacteria and insects in the kitchen. It comes with a locking mechanism at the top for east closing after use. They are made of multi –Layer LDPE and are transparent for contents to be visible. Ideal for storing vegetables in refrigerators.

  • Packaging and availability: By Pieces
  • Sizes (cm): 5 | 21×18 | 26×20 | 28×22 | 30×27 | 35×28 | 40×30 | 10×14
  • Material: LDPE

 Freezer ( Ice) Bags

A Clear LDPE bag made with customized prints used for storing ice cubes, it is generally used in industries. It is made so as to withstand with extreme temperatures without losing it properties. It has a seamless extra strong sealing at the bottom for holding the water in itself without spilling around.


Although both materials are polyethylene, they do have different properties. LDPE is softer, more flexible and melts at a lower temperature than HDPE.  LDPE is used in sandwich bags and other types of packaging. Low cost and easy to process, HDPE is used widely in the production of plastic packaging. It’s an especially effective barrier with chemical stability, which makes it perfect for containers and bottles, particularly household and industrial chemicals.

LDPE’s toughness, flexibility and transparency means it’s usually used in packaging in film applications where heat sealing is needed.