200 Pulls Tissue Boxes

‘tru’ tissue has been in market for pretty long and has been praised for the quality, its softness and of course the price. It is uniquely designed keeping in mind the places it is going to stay. It comes in 2 Premium colors

Sufra Table Sheets

We have a varied range of Sufra sheets, from striped to printed, Available in various Colors, Thickness & Packaging. It comes in different sizes and can be customized need based in desired prints


Printed Carry Bags

Make your brand stand apart in the market! Bring your brand to life by giving your shopping bags the design that you desire!

There are thousands of bags that are seen in the market but only a few stand apart. We take a lot of factors into consideration while designing a bag, like, color, sharpness, accuracy and the best design is what it takes to leave a mark in marketing your brand. We take care of minutest details to come up with the best. We provide Printed bags on Rolls, Bundles & Cartons as per your need (Rolls comes in Sheet form& with perforation for easy tear

  • Features:
  • Die Cut or Banana Handle Bags – Pharmacy & Departmental Stores
  • T-Shirt Bags – Ideal for Restaurant & Supermarkets
  • Patch Handle Die Cut Bags – Ideal for Clothing Stores
  • Loop-Handle Bags – Ideal for Premium Clothing Stores
  • Printed Bags on Roll with Perforation for easy tear
  • Material used: HDPE & LDPE

Disposables Range

A multitude of Plastic, Paper, Aluminium & Foam disposables from Toothpick to Containers. A unique station to find all your Supermarket, Grocery & HORECA needs

  • – Disposables – Plates, Bowls & Trays & Cutlery
  • – Take-Away – Food Containers, Boxes & Bowls
  • – Cups, Lids & Straws – Paper & Plastic
  • – Kraft Products – Bowls, Tubs & Boxes
  • – Cleaning & Hygiene – Protection Wear , Liquids & Sponge
  • – Foil & Wraps – Aluminum, Cling Film & Sheets
  • –   Tissues –  Maxi Roll, Toilet Roll, Kitchen Roll, Interfold Tissues & Napkin
Foam Bowl Foam Cup Juice Cup Paper Cling film
PP Bowl Plastic Plate Gloves Vinyl Maxi Roll
Microwave Container Aluminium Foil Paper Cup Gawa Napkin
Lunch Box Clear Fork White Dish Wash Liquid Toilet Roll
Barbeque Box Garbage Bags Hand Soap Sandwich Paper
Foam Burger Box Apron PE Fruit Salad Container Milky Container
Hot Dog Box Paper Bag Brown Kitchen Roll Clear Container
Garlic Cup PP Clear Caps Non-Woven Tea Spoon Plastic Flexible Straw
Laundry Hanger Foam Tray Black Base Container Tooth Picks
Lunch Box Foam PP Tray Burger Foil Facial Tissue
Aluminum Container Flat Lids for PET Sandwich Paper Plastic cup white
Paper Plate Lids Cups Clear Container with Lid Table Spoon Black
Interfold Paper Foam Plate Chicken Tub And many more..