Garbage Bags / Trash Bags

Our Trade mark Garbage bags have been in the market since long and have captured a major chunk as we specialize in maintaining Quality in the most economical way. It has perfect and strong flawless sealing at the bottom to serve the purpose. We blend HDPE & LDPE in a perfect mix for the best outcome and evidently we could produce the strongest bags. It is available in standard sizes as below or can be customized in various materials, sizes, thickness & colors.
Based on consumer applications we suggest the grades for Regular household, Office use or Industrial purpose. Garbage bags have been designed to be strong, reliable also being Biodegradable & Economical.

  • Wide range of bag sizes in stock & can be customized
  • Available in Prime, Semi -Prime & Recycle Grades
  • Can be made using HDPE, LDPE polymers
  • Flat packs & bags on roll available for Supermarkets in tru’ & Tidy brands with barcodes

Packaging and availability: By weight & Pieces
– Flat Packs (Supermarkets & Groceries)
– Bags on Roll (Uniform perforation for easy tear)
– Industrial Packing (20kg)
Material: HDPE & LDPE Polymers
Types: Prime, Semi-Prime & Recycle

Bio Hazard Bags

As the name suggests, it is used for disposing hazardous waste, commonly used in Hospitals & Health Centers. It is a Heavy-duty bag made with a proper mix of LDPE & LLDPE material built for the purpose, comes in different sizes and can be customized need based. These bags are clearly labeled with warnings that will help anyone identify the potentially dangerous content they carry. Widely used in the Hospitals, Healthcare Clinics & Medical sectors.


  • Different bag sizes
  • Available in Yellow & Red Colors
  • Material used: LDPE & LLDPE Polymers

Export Trash Bags / Bin Liners

Besides regular sizes used in Middle East market there are various quality & size of bags for European countries like, Germany, United Kingdom, France, Italy, Sweden, Poland, Spain Etc., and United States of America, Canada, Colombo, Argentina & Venezuela in North & South America as follows:

Size(in Inch) Micron  Color Material Sealing Type

Packaging Unit


1.0 Mil Clear HDPE Bottom sealing 1×250  pcs
24×30″ 1.0 Mil White HDPE Bottom sealing

1×120 pcs


1.2 Mil Black HDPE Bottom sealing 1×100  pcs


1.2 Mil Black/Brown HDPE Bottom sealing

1X100 pcs

42×60″ 1.2 Mil Black HDPE Bottom sealing

1×100  pcs

Industrial & Domestic Bin Liners

Industrial plastic liners are usually to cover the bulk size products like, cans, barrels and boxes from dust & water; it has a varied application in several Food & Packing industries. These bags resist puncturing and breakage under extreme and stressful conditions. Also, the bags are made to keep dust and debris out. Our bags are manufactured with utmost care and passes through several quality checks. Best of all, these bags are in stock and are ready to be shipped at all times. Ideal for Boxes, Barrels & Pallets


Waste Collection Bags (Recycle) Bulk

The heavy-duty plastic bags, which we offer, are made using strong polyethylene films. Because of that, the bags are thick and strong enough to manage heavy items. Other than that, these plastic bags are known for their outstanding seal ability, unparalleled strength, and low product visibility because of being non-transparent. As perfect plastic grocery bags, they are light in weight and come in a variety of sizes and colors.

Printed Colorful Garbage Bags

Offering a unique type of bags commonly used by Semi-Government & Government firms in huge quantities to spread awareness in the citizens by printing on them the type of refuse that needs to be disposed in these bags. It usually comes in Green and Blue colors with customized print. The sole purpose of it being the contents need to be identified; for properly disposing and ease of recycling the waste. Like, Paper waste, Plastic waste, Bio-waste & Aluminum waste.

Industrial Bin Liner

LDPE (Low-density polyethylene)

LDPE bags are commonly used in paper cartons known as box liners. We offer clear plastic liners for all shipping and packaging needs. These boxes often require a liner to help prevent product spillage or to protect contents from outside moisture. Products which are commonly packaged with poly box liners include frozen foods such as fruits and vegetable, food ingredients and semi liquids.

HDPE (High-density polyethylene)

HDPE is a versatile material which is widely used across all applications. It is hazy in nature, has good vapor resistance and widely used for transporting bulky objects. Some people chose to use clear bags to identify objects and some choose not to reveal the contents, hence we provide a full range of bags in clear, opaque and various colors.

Applications:  Paint industries, Food industries, Can manufacturing industry, Mattress and Synthetic Polyester industry, Food Grade Plastic Container industry, Injection and Blow Molding industries, Thermoforming industry, Bearing or heavily greased, Machine Part workshops.


  • Light and heavy duty
  • Superb strength
  • Tear resistance
  • Oxo-biodegradable
  • Range of colors and sizes