Who we are!

Manufacturer & Supplier of Premium Quality Packaging products in market since more than a decade, emerging with new ideas in different Arenas swiftly. To compete with Tomorrows World and offer the idealistic Products in the Market, we believe in making use of High-end Technology in all sectors to ensure the best is delivered. Our growth lies in understanding the requirement, producing it with utmost care & catering our esteemed customers with all our might. 

What we do

We excel in manufacturing of Oxo-biodegradable environment friendly plastic film in various sizes, thickness & colors

What's our capacity?

Our Speciality

Offering a wide range of polyethylene blown films, our expertise lies in offering clients customized products based on their requirement. We have the ability to produce bags/films from as low as 10 Microns up to 300 Microns & bags from as small as 10cm to 200cm with an approximate output capacity of 700 Tons monthly.

Quality Control

Our strict quality control measures ensure reliability & customer satisfaction at every level. With a range of latest machinery & equipment from renowned manufacturers around the world, we are well equipped to produce & deliver nothing but the best. Our technical & management expertise is the perfect tool to maintain balance between production & on time deliverance

Target sector

Strategically located in the middle east to cater the needs of our customers in the GCC nations, MENA region and all other countries in Africa, Europe & The USA.

What makes us stand apart?

Plastic has no wonder got a bad reputation since many years, claims all against the manufacturers for being inhuman towards the aquatic & domestic animals and for not being Environmentally responsible. Although the litter comes from the non-educative initiatives laid by concerned bodies by not implementing proper disposal techniques.

We understand the need of the hour and urge for the restlessness to environmentalists. He we come with an initiative of manufacturing all our bags which are 100% Oxo-biodegradable, meaning it starts disintegrating & finally decomposes completely in the soil within just a matter of years time.

Thankfully we claim to have major share of our production made of 100% Oxo-Biodegradable. Thanks to the Ministry of Environment and Water in UAE, we are actively involved in the process of reducing the landfill waste arising of non-recycled plastics by producing bags, which decompose & degrade within a year after use.

In our endeavor to stay environment friendly, we at Zubairi Plastics take it upon us to consciously preserve the natural resources of our planet. At our manufacturing facility, we ensure optimum electric energy consumption by investing in energy efficient machinery & LED lighting in our factory.

“The ultimate test of man’s conscience may be his willingness to sacrifice something today for future generations whose words of thanks will not be heard” ~ Gaylord Nelson

Why Choose us?

Our Vision
We endeavor to create economically viable solutions through our innovative and technologically advanced product range that are sustainable and environmental friendly

Our Mission
We constantly strive to promote the awareness and advantages of our environmentally friendly product range among the corporate customers through seminars and awareness drives. We help Clients move to environmentally friendly products and solutions by investing in a superior technology while also keeping the spending very low.
We are a highly environmental friendly organization having to our credit a wide portfolio of innovative products. Some of the best advantages of working with us include investing in the best quality products, possibility to customize the products to your exact needs, availing superior customer service, ability to save on costs and implement environmental friendly practices. Contact us to know more about our company and products range. We will be more than happy to depute our team to present a seminar at your premises to discuss more on the advantages of moving to us

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