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Grocery Bags | Vegetable Roll | Garbage Bags | Sufra Sheets |  Smoky Bags | Stretch Film | Tapes & many more..

“ Manufacturer & Supplier of all kinds of plastic bags & disposable packaging products”​

Zubairi Plastics

“ Door-Step Delivery across UAE ”​

Zubairi Plastics

“Pioneer of Famous Brands spread all over the region”​

Zubairi Plastics

“Personalize your product based on Quality, Size & Colors”​

Zubairi Plastics

“Quality is our first priority, then follows the service”​

Zubairi Plastics
Transparent Garbage Bag
Large Clear Bag(T-shirt-Bag)
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Manufacturer & Supplier of Food Packaging & Disposable Products

Serving fine quality products across UAE & Internationally at reasonable prices. All of our products 100% Recyclable & Many are 100% Oxo-Biodegradable

Green Small T-Shirt Bag

Grocery Bags / T-shirt Bags

Plastic Grocery Bags, available in all sizes. Strong bags with maximum durability, suitable for all grocery items. Exclusive prices for multiple orders.

White Office Bin Liners

Garbage / Bin Bags / Trash Bags

Widely approved standard sizes for easy installations. Available in Two Colors, black & white. Industrial Waste or BIO Waste collection Bags also available.

Veg Roll

Vegetable Roll / Plastic Bags

For all kinds of vegetables, easy installation of rolls packed in a cartoon in multiples with roller for easy installation and use. Easy to tear clear quality.

Stickwell High Quality Tape

Clear Tape / BOPP Tape

We supply Clear Tape with excellent holding force & adequate thickness to serve the purpose. It has excellent barrier properties which helps to keep things intact for long. Available in different sizes, length & thickness to cater the needs of various packaging industries. High clarity for product and barcode identification.

Stretch Film carton

Stretch Film / Hand-Grade

Our Stretch Film is manufactured with utmost care on a 7-Layer Machine with High Stretch-ability & Gluing additives. It is said to be a Premium Quality product as it has even thickness all over and is made with 100% Virgin Materials. We have a range of Stretch Films in different Thickness & Elongation percentage as per clients need. Its mostly in Hand-Grade &  Machine-Grade. 

Tall Kitchen Black Bags

Black Garbage Bag / Tall Trash Bags

We offer a wide range of Eco-Friendly plastic bags in Regular, Tough & Recycled variants. Based on consumer applications we suggest the grades for Regular household, Office use or Industrial purpose. Garbage bags have been designed to be strong, reliable also being  Biodegradable & Economical.  Various Sizes, Colors & Thicknesses. Can also be customized as per the Client's need.


Zubairi is more than a decade old well established name in the field of plastics in UAE. Offering a wide range of polyethylene blown films, our expertise lies in offering clients customized products based on their requirement. We have the ability to produce bags/films from as low as 10 Microns up to 300 Microns & bags from as small as 10 cm to 200 cm.
Our strict quality control measures ensure reliability & customer satisfaction at every level.
Fulfilling our Corporate Social Responsibility in protecting the nature, we excel in the manufacturing of Oxo-biodegradable environment friendly plastic bags.
We are not just approved by the UAE Ministry of Environment to produce biodegradable bags but also have certifications including the ISO 9001:2008 & ECAS certificate by ESMA (The standardization regulatory body of UAE)
Our core competence lies in the ability to technically understand the exact requirement of the client & deliver a satisfactory end product in the most economic manner.
With a range of latest machinery & equipment from renowned manufacturers around the world, we are well equipped to produce & deliver nothing but the best. Our technical & management expertise is the perfect tool to maintain balance between production & on time deliverance.
Strategically located in the middle east to cater the needs of our customers in the GCC nations, MENA region and all other countries in Africa, Europe and The USA.

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Zubairi Plastics

For Wholesale & Retail Packaging Products used in Supermarket, Groceries & HORECA sector, log on to

We have Initiated a Grab-a-Bag challenge to promote the Greener & Healthy Lifestyle.

We encourage all our customers and visitors to support the Local Community by giving back a Smile whenever you look at anyone Picking up the Plastic Bag (waste) from Public Places and dispose it off in the nearest Bin & do the same to get a Smile back 🙂

Lets all do it together until we make this World a Clean, Green & better place to live.

Going Green

  • Use of 100% Oxo-Biodegradable Plastic Bags which decomposes the bags after its useful life
  • Recycling of Plastic waste within our Ancillary to reduce landfill
  • Optimum usage of Electricity by using Energy Efficient Machinery
  • Usage of LED Lights in Factories to ensure the Low Power Consumption
  • We purchase Eco-friendly Non-Toxic inks for printing purpose
  • Collection of usable Industrial Plastic waste for recycling
  • Purchase of recycled raw material for Heavy duty Garbage Bags
  • Buy-Back of Carry Bag cartons to implement Cleaner & Greener Environment