Green is not something you can buy, it's a way of life

Initiating a greener way of life

A major share of our production is made 100% Oxo-Biodegradable. Thanks to the Ministry of Environment and Water in UAE, we are actively involved in the process of reducing the landfill waste arising of non-recycled plastics by producing bags, which decompose & degrade within a year after use. In our endeavor to stay environment friendly, we at Zubairi Plastics take it upon us to consciously preserve the natural resources of our planet. At our manufacturing facility, we ensure optimum electric energy consumption by investing in energy efficient machinery & LED lighting in our factory.

Reducing waste by Recycling

A study shows that for every 1 ton of plastic that is recycled, 7 yards of landfill space is saved.
With a capacity of recycling up to 150 Metric tons of plastic per month at our in-house recycling plant, a significant amount of plastic waste/refuse/trash is recycled & put to use efficiently.
As part of our sustainability goal to establish a viable environmental program and offer an economic product line, we operate a closed loop “ PLASTIC WASTE – to – RAW MATERIAL - to – USABLE PLASTIC” recycling facility, where waste plastics are turned back into resin pellets and then back in to new useful products.
As a Plastics manufacturing company, we firmly believe in the concept of the “Three R’s”, that is “Reduce - Reuse – Recycle”. It is our topmost priority to reduce the generation of waste and pollutants, reuse plastic waste by reprocessing it into plastic grains, and recycle most of the waste produced.

Plastic vs Paper

The manufacturing of plastic is known to generate 80% less waste than paper bags, and consume less than 4% water as compared to manufacturing of paper bags. In addition, we can recycle up to 100% of plastic waste that arises during the manufacturing process.
Are plastic bags getting a bad reputation?

Look in almost any newspaper and more than likely you will find an article about local government that is considering to somehow regulate plastic bags. It is becoming easy to hate the "pitiful" plastic bag!Articles usually leave out the facts as well as the side by side comparison. A truthful look at what is required to produce 1000 plastic bags versus 1000 similar paper bags. If the biased media would present the facts, as discerning people we could make educated and wise decisions. If all the shoppers using plastic bags last year had used paper bags instead, they would have increased the amount of solid waste by over 100 million tons and taken up 7 times more space in landfills.

To know more on How Biodegradable Plastic Works

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